Part 1:  Things Are Different.  March 22, 2020.

Part 2: Silence.  March 29, 2020.

Part 3:  Doubt.  April 5, 2020.

Part 4: Because He Lives.  April 12, 2020.

In 2020, at the beginning of the Covid crisis, I was invited to be part of a collaboration exploring Easter in the midst of a very uncertain, very isolating, time.  Instead of sunrise services and egg hunts, it seemed more appropriate to explore the story of Job, to see if light truly can emerge out of darkness, and if God may truly be found even in times of lament. 


My absolute thanks go to Chris Nicholson for his creative vision and invitation to be part of the project, Matt Atnip for his poignant words, and Jason Ayers for his ability to weave the story together through his video lens.  It was an honor to share the Easter story, my story, and our church family's story through the arts.  

video copyright Jason Ayers Photography and Video.  2020.